flAir Style Lounge operates in a completely renovated, thirty one foot, 1970 Airstream International Land Yacht. The custom renovation was done to optimize the Airstream for premium quality services and ultimate comfort while offering all of the luxuries of a traditional salon such as a surround sound audio system, private functioning restroom, comfortable waiting area, and refreshment service. The fully air conditioned Airstream houses four complete salon stations and a European style backwash system. flAir Style Lounge is equipped with a 10000 watt 16 horse power tri-fuel propane/gasoline/natural gas generator and 100 gallon fresh water tank in order to make flAir Style Lounge fully self-contained. Water, electrical, and sewage connections are not required for the salon to be fully functioning. The energy star approved on-demand tankless propane water heater supplies a continuous flow of hot water to the powerful 5.3 gallon per minute electric water pump. The original electrical and wiring was modified to run separate 110 volt circuits and 12 volt lighting. This allows for the ultimate in energy efficiency while powering up to four professional hair dryers and multiple styling tools. flAir Style Lounge undoubtedly proves to satisfy the leading standards of today’s beauty industry.

Photo courtesy of Pearl Snap Photography